MVHR and Ventilation

We are approved ventilation contractors covering Exeter, East Devon, Devon and Cornwall.

We can advise on all your ventilation requirements throughout the South West regions from design to installation and then commissioning. Air flow checks with an anemometer are performed to make sure the installation is compliant with approved document F of the building regulations along with test certification with measured air flow rates.

Benefits of a well ventilated dwelling

  • Fresh filtered air
  • Reduce odours around the home
  • Controls condensation
  • Prevents mould growth
  • Improves conditions for asthma and hay fever sufferers
  • Lower humidity levels
MVHR House Ventilation

How we can help?

We can conduct an assessment of your home’s current ventilation in accordance with Approved document F of the building regulations and by using the Domestic Ventilation Compliance guide. By calculating the required ventilation rates we can determine the best system to recommend. If you have a new build or renovation project and would like to discuss domestic ventilation options we would be more then happy to offer our expert help. If you are a local contractor, surveyor or project manger looking for a company who can test, commission and produce sign off paperwork for building control we would also be happy to help.

Extractor Fan

Systems we offer

PIV units

Central to a property that takes warm air from a loft space and filters out.

Intermittent and background ventilation

A collection of local extract fans in all wet room spaces. Typical bathroom extraction.

Call us to have a bathroom extractor fitted.

PIV Unit

MVHR – Mechanical extract with heat recovery

Whole house ventilation systems that recover up to 80% heat lost which would normally be wasted through normal extraction. We can retro-fit your existing dwelling or install and/or commission a MVHR system. Smart systems available also.  Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery provides a superb energy efficient way of maintaining a clean and clear atmosphere in your house with the added benefit of saving money on your heating bills.

We can facilitate ventilation systems and bathroom extraction design, installation and commission to private landlords and homeowners. Public and private sectors, hoteliers, developers and main contractors. Third party commission and air flow balancing provided along with initial design/ ventilation support and certification for Part F of building regulations.

MVHR Advantages

  • Silent – so quiet most people are not aware of it
  • Reduced condensation and mould – stale air to healthy air, automatically.
  • Removes odours – just a constantly clean, fresh smell.
  • Warmer buildings – no need for trickle vents, extractors and open windows.
  • Filtered air –  the air brought into the property is filtered which can help reduce problems with hay fever and asthma.
  • Low maintenance – just clean the filters every few months.

MVHR systems in Exeter, East Devon, Devon and Cornwall