House Electrician

We are domestic electricians based in Exmouth.

We can offer a range electrical services for your home, advising you of the best equipment and energy saving devices to suit your specific requirements.

We can design, install and test all of our work issuing electrical test certificates as required in accordance with BS7671 regulation for electrical installations. We are also available on call out to check for electrical faults and correct problems. We can help with most domestic electrical maintenance issues.

Electrical Installation

  • Rewires, new builds and extensions
  • Electric vehicle charging points
  • Smoke and heat detectors
  • Consumer unit / Fuse box upgrades
  • Underfloor heating systems
  • Energy saving , LED lighting
  • Electric heating systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Home security systems


  • Old switches and sockets replaced
  • Lighting replaced
  • Outdoor lighting replaced
  • Bathroom fans replaced
  • Immersion heaters repaired
  • Worn shower isolator switches replaced
  • Non-compliant wiring replaced
  • Storage heater repaired
  • Nuisance tripping investigate & repair
House Electrician

Fire Prevention

Over time, electrical connections can become loose or contacts can wear out leading to cables or switchgear overheating which can eventually lead to fire as the cable or switchgear can no longer safely carry the working current. Like any other system it is important to try to identify wear and tear before damage occurs and simply to check that all is still fit for purpose by regular inspection.

The image here shows a Consumer unit (Fuse box) with burnt out Neutral Cables that have either become loose over time or were not tight in the first place which could have been avoided by periodic inspection to check that the conductors were tight and terminated correctly.

Consumer Unit