Home Automation

Smart Product Installers in the South West.

Modern technology is advancing at a rate where our domestic and commercial spaces are being linked to our smart phones/tablets and other control centres or devices to operate a vast amount of equipment.

Electrical installers are now at the forefront of this technology in this new modern era. The new systems are not only cost effective and energy efficient but comforting in that security applications apply whether you are home or away. Some even have remote access options to your property for the purposes of live viewing or listening in to your property to check that all is well. This gives peace of mind. We can even allow remote door access for cleaners or other family members.

Home Automation

Home automation platforms include:

Smart Heating systems

We currently install a range of smart heating systems and smart thermostats , our customers have noticed a drastic reduction in gas use and electricity consumption offering a system with far greater flexibility of control , real time monitoring and remote adjustment of the system as required via a control tablet , smart phone or other devices.

Zone control is also possible now on most of your radiators with separate wireless electronic control valves , only warm the rooms to a comfortable level that you are using but lower the others to keep the chill off the room which helps you focus the heat where you need it most and keep your heating bill lower all monitored from your smart device.

Nest and Hive systems and many other smart devices are readily available now for us to install for you and help provide greater comfort, control flexibility and above all energy saving.

  • We can also provide smart electric and storage heating replacement , Dimplex , Fahro , Rointe , all of which can become smart enabled for effective control.
  • Multimedia centres with speaker systems distributed throughout the property
  • Tablet control / central hub for automated platforms to work from

Smart Lighting Systems

The possibilities are endless , we can create contemporary indoor and outdoor lighting schemes, via standard wireless receiver switches or via your smart phone or tablet via a network bridge controller , you can turn lights on and off when away to give an impression that someone is home either at set times or remotely controlled by you on demand.

We can transform your living space to create spectacular mood lighting to compliment fittings and surfaces, colour control, individual lighting schemes for each user or area of the build from individual smart phones or room tablets.

Smart Security Systems

Smart security/camera, IP addressable intruder detector systems, monitor your property in real time, motion detection, push notifications to alert you of any issues, remote arm and disarm.

A good alarm / real time monitoring system will give you peace of mind for a number of reasons:-

  • Security while you are away
  • Monitoring in the home looking at different rooms on family or pets etc while your doing something else
  • Who is at the door? look at them on the camera, speak to them and or tell  them to leave the parcel
  • Panic attack or call for help to alert someone or send a distress message silently or otherwise to another family member or trusted neighbour
  • A good deterrent to ward off possible burglars
  • If the alarm activates for whatever reason have the system turn lights on internal or external.

Smart Smoke detection systems

These systems not only provide good protection for early warning for smoke or fire for anyone on site but in addition can send push notifications to alert either the residents or building owner that the detectors have triggered an alarm and if this is used in conjunction with on site IP cameras you can then look in to check on the situation remotely.